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The Macconnel Division has nine colleges and universities that compete in alpine ski racing. It competes under the governance of the Eastern Collegiate Ski Conference within the United States Collegiate Ski Association.  The mission of the MacConnell Division is to promote high level alpine competition in a safe environment with an atmosphere of sportmanship.  The Division is named after former University of Massachusetts ski coach, Bill MacConnell.

Bill MacConnell was the long time coach  of the University of Massachusetts. His leadership and vision helps define what the MacConnell Divison stands for today.

ECSC MacConnell Division News:

2019 Collegiate Schedule Released

(December 4, 2018) - The 2019 ECSC MacConnell Division USCSA schedule has been released. The season kicks off with GS and SL on January 10 and 11 at Okemo in Ludlow, Vermont. To view the rest of the schedule, click here: https://www.macconnelldiv.com/2019scheduleresults.jsp 

2014 USCSA National Championships


1st - Sierra Nevada College
(1st GS/2nd SL)

2nd - Clarkson University
(2nd GS/5th SL) / (Pictured above, right)

3rd - Castleton State College
(6th GS/3rd SL) / (Pictured above, left)
4th - University of Connecticut
(5th GS/8th SL)

10th (tied) - Babson College
(17th GS/4th SL)


1st - Rocky Mountain College
(1st GS/2nd SL)

2nd - Sierra Nevada College
(2nd GS/1st SL)

3rd - Brown University
(3rd GS/4th SL)
5th - Castleton State College
(5th GS/6th SL)

6th (tie) - Clarkson University
(6th GS/8th SL)

10th (tie) - University of Massachusetts-Amherst
(9th GS/11th SL)

2014 USCSA Eastern Regional Championships


1st - Brown University                   (1st GS/1st SL)

2nd - Castleton State College    (2nd GS/3rd SL)

3rd - University of Massachusetts-Amherst
(3rd GS/5th SL)

4th - Northeastern University (ECSC Thompson Division)                    (4th GS/5th SL)

5th - Clarkson University              (7th GS/2nd SL)

2014 Eastern Regional Championships


1st - Babson College                  (2nd GS/1st SL)

2nd - Clarkson University              (1st GS/4th SL)

3rd - University of Connecticut
(3rd GS/2nd SL)

4th - Castleton State College      (5th GS/5th SL)

5th - Northeastern University (ECSC Thompson Divison)                     (4th GS/7th SL)